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Amateur film

I recommed to download and watch movies from amateur studios and groups websites. All groups below are Czech, so most movies are in Czech language.
  • Bujo Brothers - Amateur film group.
  • Founder Movies - Amateur film and production company. I enjoy it increasingly :o)
  • Krava.net - FreeCows - Amateur film group.
  • POLO/FILM - Another film group with original creation of movies as well as website.
  • Moving | pictures studio - Amateur film studio, wich makes very good movies. (also English version)
  • Taranis Film - Independent amateur film society. Their movies are very well made. (also English version)
  • Sunset Film Production - Independent movie creation. (also English version)
  • Trinity Pictures - Film group.
  • BITGOO.CZ - Website of amateur film-maker. On the web there are downloadable movies, instructions how to make digital video, processing of sound and basics about writing html.
  • Amatérské filmy - Website about amateur film groups and their films. Catalogue of film-makers, groups and films, calendar of festivals, articles, discussion.
  • AMATFILM - Sites for all family, amateur and professional film-makers, organizers of projections as well as for fans of non-professional film.
  • UNDERFILM - Association for support of non-commercial film.
  • Filmovani.cz - Tips and instructions about film-making, screenplays, downloadable videos.

Audio - Video

  • Videokamery.cz - Specialized shop - camcorders, cameras and equipment. Reviews, news, interesting information. Forum with community of enthusiasts for cameras and filming.
  • DISK Multimedia - Professional audio and video
  • DVuser - Magazine about videotechnique, information, reviews, guides, hints... (in English)
  • Panter s.r.o. - Specialized shop - audiotechnique Sennheiser. Headphones, microphones, wireless systems...
  • EASYFUN FILM s.r.o - Film and audiovizual production.
  • Vimeo - Vimeo is a respectful community of creative people who are passionate about sharing the videos they make. (in English)



    - Website (not only) for beginning writers, poets and graphic artist. Literary and graphical competition.

    - Very useful guide how to create one's own website.